Advanced Admin Console v1.5.7

The add-in Advanced Admin Console has had its final release with all the licensing and activation code removed.


With Advanced Admin Console you gain access to all administrative areas of your server like Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Network Places and many more. It integrates Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer right into the server’s Dashboard. You can add shortcuts to your own programs installed on your server or to web-frontends of services and devices available in your network (like routers, printers, etc.). It’s even possible to establish Remote Desktop sessions to networked computers right from the Dashboard (if supported by the computer’s operating system).

This FINAL RELEASE is now free for everyone to use for an unlimited time.

Advanced Admin Console is an add-in for Windows Server 2016 Essentials, Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

Advanced Admin Console can be downloaded from here.

Add-In: Lights-Out v2.0.1

The add-in Lights-Out has had a maintenance release, and version 2.0.1 is now available.

Lights-Out 2.0 for Server Essentials

This release fixes issues reported by users since release of 2.0.0 and also includes a new feature for waking multiple computers.

Here is the complete change log:

  • Fix #386490 Crash in Acronis detection
  • Fix #734008 Dashboard Crash on Essentials 2016
  • Fix #193857 Better handling of existing Macintosh Computers
  • Fix #452385 Double OK in properties dialog no longer required
  • Fix #854478 Japanese text does now fit on license page
  • Fix #971402 Improved support for Azure Cloudbackup
  • Fix #940804 Fixed Cloudberry localization issue and detection
  • Fix #840216 Recurring event not visible for New Zealand time zone
  • Fixed missing confirmation dialog in status – save energy
  • Fixed high CPU load in service created by calendar schedules
  • Fixed problem with user account detection if DC is not available at boot time
  • Fixed problem with server ID detection if DC is not available at boot time
  • Fixed detection of backup window change on Essentials
  • Fixed Dashboard crash in Essentials 2016
  • Fixed xcopy not working in batch files (backup scripts or user/system scripts)
  • Fixed Dashboard/Console reconnect failure
  • Added wake task for backup window on WHS/Essentials
  • Added support for additional mac addresses on client (for waking multiple computers)
  • Added a workaround if Essential 2012/2016 modules are not installed (missing) on 2012/2016 Essentials
  • Added wake-up via internet for console login window

More information on release 2.0.1 is available from here.

Hard Drive Reliability Report

Cloud backup provider Backblaze has released quarterly hard drive reliability and replacement rate reports for the last few years.

Backblaze Drive Stats Q3 2016

In its latest report, we find out yet again what is the most reliable hard drives to use in our home servers.

Its an interesting read, which you can find here.

Add-In: Lights-Out 2.0

Lights-Out 2.0 for Server Essentials

The plugin Lights-Out which minimizes energy consumption on your home server has been updated to version 2.0.

What Lights-Out can do for you:

Save energy and money

Lights-Out runs your server and computers on demand and not 24/7.
Lights-Out reduces your carbon footprint and saves your money.
Lights-Out implements Green-IT for Home and Small Business Users.

Manage your devices and your backups

Lights-Out controls and monitors your backups.
Lights-Out can wake, reboot or shut down your computers.
Lights-Out Mobile – optional management application available for all mobile platforms.
Monitor your network

Lights-Out monitors your network and devices.
Lights-Out provides graphical information about the activity of your equipment.
Lights-Out helps identifying unnecessarily long running computers wasting energy.

Lights-Out is available in a Home, Professional, Business or as a free Community Edition.

More information is available from here.

Add-In: Drive Bender v2.5.0.0a

Drive Bender for WS Essentials

The storage pooling add-in Drive Bender has been updated to version with the following change log:

  • [u] Windows 10 Anniversary update driver issue fixed, we are now using the stock Eldos driver for Windows 10 / Server 2016.
  • [b] Drive Bender leaking Windows handles.
  • [n] Added “most space” balancing option. Put simply, when new files are copied to the pool, the target drive will be the drive with the most space (note background balancing is disabled in this mode).
  • [b] Uninstalling Drive Bender can result in the CX driver being removed. Need to check for CX “installation flag”.
  • [n] Add registry value override for email “sender”. By adding the registry string value “Email From Override”, and setting to an address, all email, sent will be from this address.
  • [b] There is an issue with enabling/disabling the SMART engine.
  • [b] Improved real-time file count tracking.
  • [b] Fixed a number of UI bugs.

More information can be found here.


Free Windows Server 2016 eBook

The Microsoft Press blog have details about a free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2016.

Introducing Windows Server 2016 ebook

Available in PDF format for standard and mobile devices, the free 181 page ebook can be downloaded from here.

Nano Server Image Builder

Microsoft have released the Nano Server Image Builder.

Nano Server Image Builder

This new tool helps you create a custom Nano Server image and bootable USB media with the aid of a graphical interface.

“Based on the inputs you provide, it generates images for deployment and creates reusable PowerShell scripts that allow you to create installations of Nano Server running either Windows Server 2016 Datacenter or Standard editions.”

more information is available from the Nano Server blog.


Window Server Webcast

The Windows Server webcast from October 13th is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Introducing Windows Server 2016 Webcast

Jeffrey Snover, Jeff Woolsey, Erin Chapple, and the team behind Windows Server discuss and demo the new security, application, and datacenter innovations found in Windows Server 2016.

You can catch it here.

Windows Server 2016 Editions

Details on the various Windows Server 2016 editions are available from the Microsoft Australia OEM Team.

As well as the edition, licensing model and CAL requirements are also listed, as well as feature differentiation between Datacenter and the Standard Editions

You can find the details here.

Windows Server 2016 Documents

Microsoft’s Australia OEM Team have released a list of documents relating to Windows server 2016.

Available for download are the following:

  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 security auditing and monitoring reference
  • Hyper-V Shielded Virtual Machines Compliance white paper
  • Privileged Identity Management Compliance white paper
  • Shielded Virtual Machine infographic
  • Containers 101 infographic
  • Introducing Windows Server 2016

More info on what’s contained in each document including the download links are available from here.