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How To Install uTorrent on Windows Home Server

I used to use my PC to download torrent files whilst sleeping, but since my PCs are now turned off overnight and Windows Home Server is on 24/7 it seemed logical to install uTorrent onto WHS. The other advantage of installing it on the server was that if more than one of us in the house was […]


Tutorial – How to backup WHS using IDrive-E

After my review on Online Offsite WHS Backup Solutions, the winner of the gold award was IDrive-E. A few installed it and are happy but a couple of you asked for my own configuration details and a walkthrough. So without further ado, here it is: Remote Desktop into your WHS and install the IDrive-ESetip.exe. Install it to the default […]


More Anti-Virus Software for WHS

In my last post about compatible anti-virus software for Windows Home Server, we came to the conclusion that NOD32 was the best paid for option and that ClamWin was probably the best FREE option available. Since than I have tried and tested a few more anti-virus products and here is the outcome. Avast 4 Server Edition. Good but […]


Online Offsite WHS Backup Solutions

In my post about the new forth coming book Windows Home Sever for Dummies, Drew left the following comment: I would like “Easier to understand details on how WHS controls the drives and storage. Seems like a lot of people are worried about backing up WHS, but you do not need to if you know […]


AntiVirus Software for Windows Home Server

While there is no requirement that you load Anti-Virus software on WHS, I personally think that it’s a good idea. With more people adding programs like uTorrent, eMule and ORB to their WHS directly, there is a greater chance of a direct infection especially when using Torrent or P2P applications. A visiting guest with his/her […]