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Installing WHS 2011

"How To Install Windows Home Server 2011" is an article by David McCabe which takes us back to basics on installing wHS 2011. From the hardware requirements to update settings, you can read Dave’s article here.


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 143

Episode 143 of The Home Server Show podcast is up and this week has Dan Reynolds from KeepVault chatting about their new update and pricing plan structure. And that of course is with the weeks Home Server news and the views from Dave and the guys. Episode 143 can be found here.


WD Brings New Hardware for Windows Storage Server

Western Digital have announced that they will be providing a small office storage server product which will include Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials  as the operating system. Thomas Gallivan, WD’s vice president of marketing for SMB branded products had the following to say: "By combining Microsoft’s platform with WD’s strength in the storage market, […]


PCSpecialist Home Server PCs Update

UK based have re-vamped their Windows Home server range and now offer more case choices as well as an intelligent configurator to help you better choose the components you require. The price of Windows Home Server 2011 has also been reduced in line with Microsoft’s recent price reduction. The Home Server PC range: Uses […]


KeepVault 4.10 Improvements Announced

Online backup solution KeepVault and KeepVault Pro have both had improvements made to them today. KeepVault Pro now has a new flat rate pricing of $0.15/GB/month (when paying yearly) and no per device/seat fees. So you can now buy exactly the storage you need, with no pricing tiers and upgrade at any time. This new […]


WHS v1 – A History Lesson

Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows has a article on the history of Windows Home Server (v1). From being announced at CES in January 2007 to Power Pack 3 being released in December 2009, it’s an interesting read with links to Paul’s existing articles on version 1 of Windows home Server. Windows Home Server: A Look […]


BBS2 Power from Tranquil PC

If you would like to build a server your own way then the BBS2 Power unit from Tranquil PC could be the answer. With the same basic core components as used in the Leo HS4 and Leo SS4, the BBS2 Power delivers huge amounts of processing power for a high performance platform, yet consumes as […]


BYOB Podcast Episode 50

Episode 50 of the BYOB podcast is up for the Build Your Own Box enthusiasts. This weeks episode has special guest Andrew Edney talking about various systems, which you can find here.


WHS2011, CrashPlan and the Windows Phone 7 Connector

The AwesomeSpaceMonkey blog give their option on using Windows Home Sever 2011 along with CrashPlan and the Windows Home Server 2011 Windows Phone 7 Connector. “Overall I am really enjoying Windows Home Server 2011 and the integration with Windows Phone 7.” You can find their blog entry here.


WHS 2011 Worldwide Price Drop

The Windows Home Server 2011 software has seen a price drop around the world, with the English SKU being available for $52 + $7 shipping state side from online retailers such as Superbiz (take an additional $5 off using coupon code WOMBAT bring the total down to $47), whilst Newegg and Amazon still have it […]