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Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM)

Today Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM). The software has now been finalized and its now being handed off to the OEM partners. The evaluation version (with 120 day evaluation period) and the system builder version are also heading into the distribution channels and will be available in the next couple of months. […]


uTorrent add-in UPDATED

The uTorrent add-in by Marcel Nouwens has been updated to version 1.1.1 with many fixes including: When the add-in loses its connection to µTorrent the list will be cleared instead of showing an invalid state. When Auto-Refresh is disabled the Auto-Refresh interval setting will initially be disabled in the settings interface. The current scrollbar position […]


A Windows Service Installer for Windows Home Server

uTorrent add-in developer Marcel Nouwens has been a busy person. He has also released AnyServiceInstaller which enables you to install any application on WHS as a windows service, so when you are logged out from your home server the application you installed will continue to operate without a logged in user. This can be done manually off course but this software simplifies the task. […]


Microsoft WHS Forums: Issues and Workarounds

The Microsoft Windows Home Server forums that we visit so often, will soon be upgraded to fix two main issues that many users are encountering, Alerts sign-up page not found and problems signing in. This should happen within the next few weeks, so in the meantime here are some instructions to help you work around […]


Why has my evaluation period expired?

The latest RC of WHS will expire 180 days from the date of install which should take us into 2008 if we installed it today but as Tom Ziegmann from the MS Windows Home server Team pointed out: “If your evaluation period has expired, and it is well before the 180 day timebomb, be sure to check […]


Create a website on Windows Home Server

Developer Andrew Grant from the site andrewlive! has a post up on his website entitled How to create a website on Windows Home Server in minutes. It details using the Whiist add-in to create web sites on your Windows Home Server. It’s well worth a read!


Interview with WHS Product Manager Charlie Kindel

As reported on We Got Served. Windows Home Server Product Unit Manager (PUM) Charlie Kindel is interviewed by Scott Hanselman on many aspects regarding WHS. So sit back, relax put your feet up and listen to this educational half hour podcast. You may find out more about Charlie Kindel from his site cek.log.


Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July to our United States folk on Independence Day. Time to have a day off from our Windows Home Server…Probably!… Have a wonderful day this July Fourth.


New Anti Virus for WHS from Avast

Terry Walsh from We Got Served has posted details regarding a WHS anti virus product from Avast. It will cost $39.96 – $50 which is a lot cheaper than their server offering and will be available later this year. P.S. Welcome home Terry from the States!


More Online Offsite Backup Solutions for WHS

Following my write up on different online offsite backup providers it was bought to my attention that although IDrive-E offers unlimited backup their pricing page states The concept of ‘Unlimited Storage’ is to facilitate a low one-price plan to backup a PC’s critical data that meets requirement for majority of consumers; there may be some limits based […]