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Connector Software Server Not Found When Using Vista

When installing the Windows Home Server connector software the server may not be found. This may be because you are running as a restricted Vista user and if this is the case you will need to install the connector software as “Administrator”. The step by step instructions are on Tranquil PC’s Weblog.


Virtual Windows Home Server

If you are like me and enjoy testing the different features of Windows Home Server and all the different add-ins available for it then it is a good idea to set up another copy of WHS in a testing environment. One way of doing this is within a virtual machine that allows you to install […]


November Update – Your Network Health Icon Will Turn Red.

After installing the new November update for Windows Home Server you will notice that your network health icon will turn red. With this update, you can now get a trusted SSL certificate for your <your_name> domain name.  If you have already set up remote access via the console, settings screen, you will need to quickly […]


Microsoft's Troubleshooting Tips

We have the following troubleshooting tips for help during setup of Windows Home Server, courtesy of the Windows Home Server sub-pages over at Microsoft. Troubleshooting tips Having problems setting up Windows Home Server? Ensure that you’ve taken these simple steps: Plug in and power on your home server. Connect your home server with a wired […]


Installing the Connector Software on Vista x64

Microsoft are currently internally testing an x64 Connector for Windows Vista Machines, which should be available between December 07 – March 08. Unfortunately a Connector for XP x64 will not be available, but what can you do in the meantime if you want to install the Connector software on your Vista x64 machine. Well, good […]


Stop False Password Nags from the WHS Client

If you have installed Windows Home Server and previously had RC1 installed, or another machine on your network had the same name you are now using for WHS, chances are you might run into the situation where the WHS connector software on the client machine is always telling you that you need to “Update Your […]


WHS Version Information 1500.0 or 1500.6 – We have the Answer

I posed a question to you readers a couple of days ago regarding the version information displayed on the Resources tab within the console. My clean OEM install after Windows Update showed the following: Whilst my friends server and others from the WHS forums were showing: As you can see my “Windows Home Server Backup […]


After Windows Update 6.0.1500.0 or 6.0.1500.6?

I have a question for you readers, that will hopefully cure my problem. Since upgrading Windows Home Server with the update from Windows Update on the 25th September my Resources tab within Settings on the Console shows that only the “Windows Home Server Backup & Restore” item was updated to version 6.0.1500.6. All the other […]


Connector Not Installing after Update

After installing the latest update to Windows Home Server (941913) it asks you to re-boot, once you have, the console icon in the system tray will change to red on the client machines. On clicking on the icon a window will appear, stating that that you need to upgrade your Windows Server Connector. You will […]


RC1 has Timebombed and the Product Key has been used the maximum number of times – HELP!

If your WHS has time bombed by changing the system date or for any other reason, you will see the following message: “The Evaluation period for this copy of Windows has ended!  Windows cannot start. To continue to use Windows, please purchase and install a retail copy of this product!” If this is the case […]