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Add-In: TV Manager 1.0.1

Add-In TV Manager has been updated to version 1.0.1. The add-in moves your Media Center recordings to your server for storage and management. You can also watch the recordings from the TV Manager Web Interface to non-MC PCs over your local and Internet connection. New in v1.0.1 is the ability to have TV Manager notify […]


Add-In: Router Control

The first public release of the add-in Router Control has been released that allows you more control over your UPnP Internet gateway. Its current main feature is the traffic graph as well as RouterControl online update check and schema upload. More features are to come in future updates, including: Show and modify UPNP port forwards […]


Add-In: WHS Outlook

WHS Outlook is now available for public release with the Beta 2 version now available for download. The add-in integrates Microsoft Outlook with the Windows Home Server Console which allows the following benefits: Allows a single installation of Microsoft Outlook to be shared by up to 10 different client PC’s via the WHS Console. […]


Add-In: AutoExit Beta 3

Our friend Nick has been in contact to tell us that there is a new release of the add-in AutoExit. AutoExit can be used to: Shut down and reboot computer(s) within your home network from within the console. Wake On Lan feature, so you can easily boot up your computer(s) remotely Place the computer(s) into […]


Add-In: TV Manager 1.0

Finally out of beta, TV Manager 1.0 is now available for download. The add-in lets you move your recordings to your Windows Home Server for management and storage. With the biggest feature, being the ability to watch your recordings in Media Center as if they were sitting in your Media Center record path. You can […]


Add-In: Recorded TV Manager 3.4.12

Recorded TV Manager is an add-in that enables you to move, copy or delete recorded TV episodes using drag-n-drop or context menus, print listings of series collections, play recordings directly off the server, and lots more. Version 3.4.12 posted August 24, 2008 now includes support for the Recorded TV Manager Vista Media Center Add-in Beta […]


Add-In: Windows Home Server Disk Management

Add-in developer Sam Wood has just released version of Windows Home Server Disk Management, the add-in that that gives you more detail about your server’s storage status.   This version resolves a rare crash if an ID number could not be found for a specific disk. More information is available from here.


Add-In: SageTV 6.4.8

Last week the release candidate 6.4.8 of SageTV was released. Some of the major additions for V6.4, but not specific to this build are: -Support for the Hauppauge HD PVR (Official on Windows, Experimental on Linux) -Automatic STVI Generation in the SageTV Studio -EXIF metadata/thumbnail support for JPEGs -new file system & network browser -H.264 […]


Add-In:HAI WL3 for Windows Home Server 1.0

WL3 is an Add-in from HAI (Home Automation Inc) for Windows Home Server that allows you to monitor and control a HAI Home Control System from any device with a web browser, such as a computer, PDA, Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch etc. Regardless of the brand of camera, the video is displayed […]


Add-In: WHS Backup Database-Backup

A new add-In called WHS Backup Database-Backup (WHSBDBB), allows you to backup the WHS Backup Database which stores all your client PC backups. This is a feature MS promised back at CES 2008 but unfortunately it did not make it to Power Pack 1 PP1. Author Alex Kuretz has basically automated the manual steps defined […]