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PerfectDisk 12 Windows Home Server Service Pack 2 Build 285

PerfectDisk 12 Windows Home Server has been updated to Service Pack 2 (Build 285). This latest build includes various bug fixes and existing users can “Check For Updates” in the products or wait for Autoupdate. Client fixes: S.M.A.R.T. tab incorrectly displayed some drives (SSDs) which were not supported as well as incorrectly reporting temperature for […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3996

The updates are flowing for the Drive Extender replacement add-in StableBit DrivePool, with another 3 updates in the last 24 hours. Build 3661: Suspend folder links while renaming. Build 3664: Fixed deleting folders. Build 3996: Shared folder security propagation is now asynchronous. Added new function to folder links that will clean up any shares pointing […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3660

Two more releases from the guys at StableBit for their DrivePool add-in for WHS 2011: First up is build 3486: Fixed issue that was crashing the service periodically. This could have been responsible for the sporadic mount errors / service startup issues that people have been seeing recently. Build 3660 includes the following changes: Fixed […]


Grid Junction for WHS 2011 Nearing Completion

After we announced earlier this month that the add-in Grid Junction would be available for WHS 2011 users, its good to see that work on the add-in for UPS management is nearing completion. Here are some screenshots for you: Grid Junction for WHS 2011 nearing completion The UPS Status Tab The Hardware Monitor Tab Settings […]


Add-In: WHS Twitter Feed

WHS Twitter Feed is an add-in for Windows Home Server 2011. The add-in allows you to remove the standard Windows logo from the login pane and replace it with your Twitter feed: You can download WHS Twitter Feed from here.


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3481

Build 3481 of StableBit DrivePool has just been made available with the following changes: Re-added support for pending deleted folders. SBSE 2011 Essentials compatibility restored. Fixed changing folder name / duplication status in batch. When adding a new folder the description is now saved. Implemented persistent move for folder duplication change and folder rename (folder […]


Add-In: Windows 7 Professional Pack Now Available

As we announced the other day, the "Windows 7 Professional Pack for Small Business Server 2011" is now available from the Microsoft Download Center: The Windows 7 Professional Pack for Windows Small Business Server 2011 simplifies the activation and configuration of security settings, real-time backup of user data, and offline access to user files that […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3467

Releases are coming regular from StableBit DrivePool and this time its for build 3467: Fixed missing folders under some circumstances. Fixed strange interaction between the kernel I/O manager and the file system regarding access checks. I/O manager is supposed to perform access check but seems to be getting bypassed by certain built-in Windows processes. Moreover, […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3444

The DE replacement add-in, StableBit DrivePool  has had an update to version Here’s the change log: * Rewrote the WHS folder links module from scratch.  – Automatic default folder migration.  – Share name conflict resolution.  – Faster startup / maintenance runs. You can find more details on the StableBit DrivePool Wiki.


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3417

Another 2 releases have been announced for StableBit DrivePool 1st was build 3334 with the following changes: Moving a folder now reports per-file progress. This will keep the progress bar moving even when a large file is in the process of being moved. Added move folder wizard. Enabled shared folder descriptions. Descriptions are stored on […]