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Add-In: WHS Event Monitor Updated

Developer Dave Mercer has just released a new version of the add-in WHS Event Monitor which monitors the event logs on the Home Server and emails the results to you. The new version has the following bug fixes and enhancements: Added Homepage link and RSS links Fixed bug in SMTP NoAuth UX where a […]


Add-In Honorable Mention List at Microsoft

Microsoft has placed the Code2Fame Challenge Winners up at their WHS page. As well as the 3 top winners: 1st Place Andrew Grant for Whiist 2nd Place Davis Wright for Jungle Disk 3rd Place Prakash Gautam for Community Feeds for Windows Home Server Honorable mentions are mentioned for the following: F. Drasch for Recorded TV […]


Easy Photo Sync For WHS

This is a review of PhotoSync Beta2 for Windows Home Server. It’s an Add-In that automatically uploads photos from your server to your Flickr account. Installation. Installation was straightforward and simple. The steps were as follows (Steps 1-4 apply to any Add-In): 1. Download the msi file to a machine on your network 2. Open […]


Add-In: Recorded TV Manager Add-in for Windows Home Server – Beta 2

Rick Drasch has just posted Beta 2 of “Recorded TV Manager Add-in for Windows Home Server”. For those of you that don’t know, the add-in uses a Windows service application on the Home Server to monitor Media Center recorded TV folders and automatically move or copy content throughout your home server network. Overall, the software […]


Add-In: Windows Home Server Event Monitor Updated

Dave Mercer the developer of Windows Home Server Event Monitor has updated the add-in from it’s initial release to version to fix some bugs: Removed spurious tooltip and fixed typos Clarified UI a little    Added tooltips     Changed Regex defaults in event grid view to default to “All” versus “.*”     Warning dialog […]


Add-In: AutoExit 2008 for Windows Home Server

After being in beta for the last few months, today sees the launch of the final version of AutoExit 2008 for Windows Home Server. This add-in can be used to shut down and reboot machines in your home network. Wake On Lan is also supported, enabling you to easily boot up machines remotely. These actions […]


Add-In Home Base now Open Source

Aleksei Nipirakis has started to place you source code to his add-in Home Base onto The add-in that allows your Mobile Phone to download files from the Home Server and lets you blog from your phone as well is now Open Source GPL and will enable other developers to build and develop onto it. […]


Add-In – Windows Home Server Event Monitor

Dave Mercer has developed a new add-in. Windows Home Server Event Monitor monitors the event logs and sends them in a single email at a fixed frequency, with the ability to send some events immediately (e.g. remote login failures).    This is an Alpha release and Dave would love to hear your comments, suggestions and […]


avast! WHS Edition AntiVirus Updated to 3 Beta

Out a couple of days later than expected is beta 3 of avast! WHS Edition. The first dedicated antivirus add-in for Windows home Server. This latest beta version 4.7.18, 10/16/2007 has: Yet another attempt to set the firewall exceptions correctly on all OS’s GUI improvements (WHS Console) Minor fixes Updates in the AV engine (new […]


Firefly Add-In

Firefly is an open source media server software that enables you to stream music from the Roku Soundbridge and iTunes. Developer Nic Bedford has ported the current windows system tray application from Firefly into an add-in that can be run directly from the Windows Home Server console.    Download: Copy the msi file to […]