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Whiist Website Management Add-In New version 0.6

Andrew Grant has updated his Whiist add-in for Windows Home Server. Whiist is a website management add-in that allows you to create and manage webpages and links from the WHS console, which can then be accessed from your server’s web interface (remote access home page). What’s New in version 0.6 New “Folder Picker” dialog WHS […]


We Got Served – How To…

Terry Walsh over at We Got Served has written up 2 great How To’s: How To… Add A USB Hard Drive to Windows Home Server, where he explains how to add an external USB hard disk and How To… Install a Battery Back Up Power Supply which documents adding a back up supply. Apart from allowing […]


Site Re-Design NEW Layout

Just to let you know that over the next few days I shall be re-designing this site. By using a new layout it will be easier on the eye with a more pleasant colour scheme and with better fonts it should also be easier to read. No down time will occur and content will be posted as usual.


RC1 Installation Video

The guys over on the German MS Homeserver Blog have put together a video of the installation progress of the new RC1 build. Lights, action, camera!!!


Installing Connector on Home PC issues

If you are having problems installing the Windows Home Server Connector on your home PCs and having “join” issues, there is some great troubleshooting information to be found here.


Whats in a Name?

Well this is your site and I would like your feedback. What would you like this website/blog called. At the moment its “MS Windows Home Server”. Would you like it left like this or would you like another name? A few examples to get you going: MSWHS – The Server for the People MSWHS – […]


AntiVirus Software for Windows Home Server

While there is no requirement that you load Anti-Virus software on WHS, I personally think that it’s a good idea. With more people adding programs like uTorrent, eMule and ORB to their WHS directly, there is a greater chance of a direct infection especially when using Torrent or P2P applications. A visiting guest with his/her […]


My RC1 Installation Adventure

Well I went from Beta2 to the CTP build and yesterday to RC1. The sata hard disks were discovered correctly and no additional storage drivers were needed as was the same with the previous two builds. I did not even have to generate a new product key as any unactivated ones unused from the CTP […]


Avoid Setup Errors

As reported from posters at Microsoft’s WHS Forum the WHS setup can fail will all sorts of errors where the root cause was either a corrupted download, an unverified burn of a DVD/CD, poor quality media, mismatched media (e.g. DVD-R used in a DVD+R drive) or malfunctioning CD/DVD-ROM readers. In the previous Beta 2 and CTP releases […]


Enable Customer Feedback

A request from the Windows Home Server Team from the email sent out to beta testers We ask that you enable providing customer feedback information to Microsoft when you go through setup (or enable it later in Server Settings). We received VERY valuable data from Beta 2 and CTP via this mechanism and it is […]