Add-In: Lights-Out Maintenance Release 2.0.2

The add-in Lights-Out has been updated.

Lights-Out Maintenance Release 2.0.2

Maintenance release 2.0.2 includes the following changes:

  • Fix #227932 Wake domain is not saved on client side.
  • Fix #625005 Backup wake task is not working for setting “Always on during configured backup time”.
  • Fix #997366 Disabled time span does not count down in console.
  • Fix #498650 Detection of server 2016 evaluation improved.
  • Fix #104472 Shutdown fails on WHS 2011 if forced.
  • Fix #415692 Deadlock in Dashboard.
  • Fix #746979 Console does not store individual mac addresses for each server in MRU list.
  • Fix #512539 Devices are not sorted by name in uptime chart.
  • Fix #512539 Calendar entry changes the end date if end is on next day.
  • Fixed disabling monitors (ShadowCopies, TaskScheduler).
  • Fixed shutdown blocker in Client Software if a backup is running.
  • Fixed detection of storage server and server 2012 with essentials role.
  • Fixed action after backup in calendar if not forced.
  • Fixed missing backup veto.
  • Added a status panel in console to allow sign off to connect to another server without leaving console.
  • Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Added Windows Update monitoring (experimental).
  • Added sorting of next calendar events in status tab.
  • Added HD/SSD detection to installer. If a HD is detected, service start type is set to “automatic (delayed)”.
  • Replaced wake tasks with waiteable timer.
  • Improved backup history handling.
  • Improved time to wake server after client resume/reboot.

More details are available from here.

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