Add-In: Lights-Out 2.0

Lights-Out 2.0 for Server Essentials

The plugin Lights-Out which minimizes energy consumption on your home server has been updated to version 2.0.

What Lights-Out can do for you:

Save energy and money

Lights-Out runs your server and computers on demand and not 24/7.
Lights-Out reduces your carbon footprint and saves your money.
Lights-Out implements Green-IT for Home and Small Business Users.

Manage your devices and your backups

Lights-Out controls and monitors your backups.
Lights-Out can wake, reboot or shut down your computers.
Lights-Out Mobile – optional management application available for all mobile platforms.
Monitor your network

Lights-Out monitors your network and devices.
Lights-Out provides graphical information about the activity of your equipment.
Lights-Out helps identifying unnecessarily long running computers wasting energy.

Lights-Out is available in a Home, Professional, Business or as a free Community Edition.

More information is available from here.

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