Drive Bender Sales Suffer

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Anthony from Division-M has made the difficult decision to move away from his full time position at the company. Using the company’s blog, Anthony stated the following:

Unfortunately slowing Drive Bender sales and sluggish Cloud Xtender numbers have meant that ongoing development at the current pace is just not financially possible. The slowing Drive Bender sales were anticipated, as Windows Storage Space’s had a big impact on this market, not to mention the cloud is also seeing users move from large local storage to much cheaper cloud solutions. Our strategy was to have Cloud Xtender pick up the slack, however this has not happened. While the initial Cloud Xtender numbers looked good, these have not been sustained.

Anthony also stated that there are no plans to scrap the products and that all valid licenses will continue to work now, and into the future. Future updates for all products will continue with bug fixes for both Drive Bender and Cloud Xtender being released over the coming weeks as well as a Windows 10 compatible version of PoolHD becoming available.

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