Add-In: Drive Bender v2.3.9.0

Drive Bender

Drive Bender has been updated to version with many fixes and updates:

  • [u] Improved overall start up performance when one or more drives have not connected.
  • [u] Add registry value to override for email “sender”, under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender” as a new string value “Email From Override”.
  • [b] When deleting a pool under the Drive Bender Manager, the confirmation dialog is displaying the wrong pool.
  • [b] Pool does not start if all drives timeout during validation check.
  • [b] Issue with processing cache folder, it seems it is scanning the System Volume Information folder.
  • [b] On the activate license dialog, the intro text is being covered up.
  • [b] The SMART service starts to spike CPU usage after waking up from a sleep state.
  • [u] Improved the way the landing zone is being cleared.
  • [u] Add the drive name to the audit CSV log.
  • [b] When performing a folder scan, some users are receiving a recursive folder warnings.
  • [b] Files stored on the pool cannot be opened with a metro application under Windows 10.
  • [b] Folder images are not showing up under Windows 10.
  • [e] Improvements have been made to better calculate the slack space being used on a pool, which will result in a more accurate “non pool used” value.
  • [e] With multiple pools, if one pool is disconnected (aka drives not connected), other pool is taking 30 minutes to come on line.

This latest release can be downloaded from here.

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