My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.13 Build 2

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

The final version of My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials 5.13 is now available.

Version 5.13 has the following change log:

My Movies for Windows 5.13 Build 2

  • Fix: There was some kind of build error causing the Collection Management program to be unable to start. We are sorry for the trouble.

My Movies for Windows 5.13

  • Added: Import of movies now uses collection numbers from personal data, when possible.
  • Added: The alert viewer have been added to the Collection Management application, as many users use this as their primary interface.
  • Added: Option to track digital copy types in the meta-data.
  • Added: Compare on movie updates. Currently only for data, and not images.
  • Added: Compare on TV series and episodes
  • Added: Checkbox on disc chapter editing where you can indicate that chapter names is not included on the release.
  • Added: Check for new data before contribution of TV series and episode
  • Added: Ability to track more than one type on a title.
  • Added: Mobile location editing for TV Episodes.
  • Added: Ability to configure iTunes to start under the My Movies service.
  • Added: Personal data for TV Series
  • Added: Convertion of Disc titles with mapped TV Episodes now adds paths to the episodes.
  • Added: Option to pause converting before next job, in Converter Tasks.
  • Added: Import/Monitoring of movie/disc titles files in a folder and its subfolders.
  • Added: Option to pause/resume converter in Dashboard
  • Added: Support for PowerDVD 15 in external players.
  • Added: The dashboard now remembers column width changes.
  • Added: Dennon remote handler have been updated to allow for adding custom buttons.
  • Added: JVC remote handler have been updated to allow for adding custom buttons.
  • Added: Preparation of 2160p video format.
  • Added: Hungarian language
  • Added: DLNA server for serving pre-converted MP4/M4V and MKV files to various devices.
  • Update: Kodi/XBMC meta-data storage handler have received many updates, now storing tv series, tags and set information on box sets.
  • Change: The complete percentage of box sets now reflects that various data should not be added on box set containers.
  • Change: The system now stores mymovies.xml files for TV Series
  • Change: Personal data is now stored in the mymovies.xml file.
  • Change: MP4/M4V meta-data tagging now moved to a separate storage handler, and now tags both movies and tv episodes also.
  • Change: For improved stability, the back-end service now checks the state of the SQL Server service, and starts it if it is not started, giving better details on screen for clients if there are problems.
  • Change: The music disc copier function now had the option through the MP4/M4V meta-data storage handler to add copied tracks to iTunes.
  • Change: Updates to media info reading, to read more information for multi-disc titles and mobile converted titles.
  • Change: Keys are now mapped to PowerDVD supported keys when using the My Movies remote control apps, as PowerDVD cinema does not respond to using the default WMC ones. Use the green button to return to WMC when playing.
  • Change: The mymovies.xml file is no longer encrypted, and can again be used by users for personal reasons. The file includes a comment that we consider the format and filename internal, and that other applications should not store files in this format.
  • Fix: Production companies for movies were not added correctly, when updating data on the movie.
  • Fix: Disc titles did not get their online id set, right after contribution of a new disc title.
  • Fix: An empty error message with headline database error could be returned when opening Collection Management right after an update.
  • Fix: My Movies bonjour interop dll was not added to assembly under WHS 2011 and Server Essentials 2012, which could generate unwanted errors.
  • Fix: Some log errors could be generated when system was restarting as a drive watcher caught the shutdown.
  • Fix: Play disc was shown in some situations where it should not be.
  • Fix: An exception could occur when trying to register AnyDVD.
  • Fix: Unexpected drive ids could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: Import of movies set the movie to be standalone if it was in the collection only belonging to a disc title.
  • Fix: Import/monitoring of movies now uses categories from personal data, when possible.
  • Fix: On TV Series update the result window only showed one line in the changed field. It now shows multiple lines.
  • Fix: If disc path is set to BDMV or VIDEO_TS folder, then ‘add to converter’ now accepts that.
  • Fix: Copying to WMA format for music discs could lead to a copy error.
  • Fix: TV Series had their group reset when episodes got added to it.
  • Fix: TV Series update will now add new episodes, and update names on existing ones, even when the series is locked.
  • Fix: Personal titles for movies were not shown correctly, for movies under disc titles.
  • Fix: Meta-data for movie profiles were not stored when running a combined meta-data update in settings.
  • Fix: Some wrong path handlings could cause various issues in the video converter.
  • Fix: Disc copy direct to video converter had some problems setting the correct destination path.
  • Fix: Known TV Series mapping was not used when converting directly from disc
  • Fix: Issue with MKV and TV Series episodes not mapping correct.
  • Fix: Various things using a randomizer was not truly random.
  • Fix: Cleanup in local database had created a problem with some of the sorting in WMC.
  • Fix: Some issue with categories that could block storage of TV Series
  • Fix: Minor issue where update of personal data on a movie could miss the data from the type field.
  • Fix: Personalized titles for movies were not always used in the title list
  • Fix: Starting data servers (API) after 10 seconds rather than instantly after service start, to avoid missing global assemblies on install.
  • Fix: iTunes process was started in a way that caused Apple TV to be unable to see it.
  • Fix: Mobile path wasn’t cleared when changing between episodes
  • Fix: Convertion of side B of a disc was not already mapped correct, and mobile paths could be set wrongly.
  • Fix: Copy Disc directly to converter only worked with one convertion profile. It now also uses the second profile if one is set.
  • Fix: Rare sql bug that made Collection Management open with an empty title list.
  • Fix: Episode count in bottom of Collection Management was not set correct.
  • Fix: Copy/paste of actors into a generic movie didn’t save the sort order of the actors.
  • Fix: Import/Monitoring would sometimes add side b of a disc, if the disc id couldn’t be found.
  • Fix: Import/Monitoring could end in an endless loop when checking folders with disc titles.
  • Fix: Indication of movie year inside () or [] in folder or filename was not used correctly.
  • Fix: Categories for movies wasn’t saved in client when doing sync down from webservice.
  • Fix: If an external player launched a second process internally, our external player handler would not close the player when WMC is restored. This affected PowerDVD.
  • Fix: If the machine was not connected to the internet, loading of covers could be slow.
  • Fix: If the machine was not connected to the internet, loading of person photos could be slow.
  • Fix: There could be some issues on which client that picks up which job when having multiple clients converting videos.
  • Fix: Location type could be incorrect when syncing collection from online service.

You can find out more about My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials from here.

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