Add-In: StableBit CloudDrive v1.0.0.282 BETA

StableBit, the company behind DrivePool today announced a brand new product called StableBit CloudDrive which aims to be the best way to securely store your data in the cloud on Microsoft Windows.


What it Does:

  • StableBit CloudDrive creates a new virtual drive on your PC that stores its data in the cloud.
  • You can optionally encrypt your entire cloud drive with a key that only you know for trust no one full drive encryption.
  • StableBit CloudDrive learns which data you access most frequently and stores that data in a cache on one of your local drives for quicker access.

You can also use it locally in order to create fully encrypted virtual drives.

StableBit CloudDrive is available right now as a public BETA.

More information is available from the company’s blog, whilst the download can be found here.

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