DVBLink v5.1.0 Build 11207

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DVBLink now includes a new easy-to-use interface for setting up a port forwarding, optimizations and support for Synology DSM5.2:

We are happy to announce a release of the Synology DSM5.2 compatible DVBLink build!
But DSM5.2 support, although important, is not the only interesting feature of this new build. It also comes with the new easy-to-use interface for setting up a port forwarding. There is no need anymore for knowing how to do it on your router – DVBLink will do it for you! This, combined with a new functionality to check if DVBLink ports are accessible from outside, makes setup for watching live and recorded TV over the internet much easier. The new port forwarding functionality is accessible from the Settings tab of the DVBLink web configuration interface.
The full list of changes in this new build includes:

  • General
    • (syn) Added: Synology DSM5.2 support
    • (all) Added: Functionality to forward base and/or streaming ports from a DVBLink web configuration interface on a router
    • (all) Added: Functionality to check if DVBLink is accessible from outside on its forwarded ports
    • (asustor) Added: ASUSTOR ADM2.4 support
    • (asustor) Fixed: No thumbnails are generated for recordings on AS6 and AS3 platforms
    • (rpi) Fixed: No thumbnails are generated for recordings on RPi2 openelec platform
  • DVBLink TVSource
    • (all) Fixed: When working with sat>ip source, TVSource does not break/re-establish RTSP session on every channel change
    • (all) Fixed: High CPU load when streaming 2 or more channels from the same transponder
    • (all) Added: Provider selection combobox with their preset values on DVB-C fast scan page

The new build numbers are:

  • Build 11207 (all DVBLink products on Windows platform)
  • Build 11218 (all DVBLink products on Linux/NAS/RPi platform)

DVBLink server installer for every supported platform is available for download from our website www.dvblogic.com.
When updating the DVBLink installation, update your DVBLink server first and then update all installed DVBLink packages using DVBLink Package Center.

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