DVBLink v5.1

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This latest release of DVBLink has a number of important fixes and additions. here is the change log:


  • Added: Raspberry Pi 2 support
  • Fixed: Live TV playback does not start in web interface (Internet Explorer) without transcoding when authorization is used
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server on Windows hangs when woken up from standby in presence of running XBMC
  • Fixed: Back-to-back timers on the same channels are recorded without margins
  • Added: Grouping channels with the same name in the list during channel selection process
  • Added: Possibility to assign “hanging” source to one of the unused devices

DVBLink TVSource

  • Fixed: DVBLink TVSource requests too many PIDs when scanning some transponders, crashing/hanging sat2ip receiver

You can download version 5.1 of DVBLink from here.

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