Add-In: My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.12 Pre Release 3

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

The pre release version of My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials has been updated.

Version 5.12 Pre Release 3 has the following change log:

  • Added: Check for profile updates before contribution of movies.
  • Added: New profiles for video converter. Instead of device specific profiles, we are moving towards more universal profiles of various qualities. The new profiles are only M4V and not MP4 profiles, as we believe all devices can handle M4V, where Apple TV will only accept M4V and not MP4. If anyone have devices that does not handle the M4V files, but do handle MP4 files, we would like to hear about it.
  • Update: MKV tools updated to latest versions.
  • Update: Handbrake updated to latest released version (0.10.0), adding QuickSync support.
  • Update: Various changes and fixes to the MPC player implementation.
  • Change: Insert disc prompt in Windows Media Center to contain title and image.
  • Fix: Description source was not shown correctly when changing language on a movie
  • Fix: Contribution comments were not stored correct.
  • Fix: On some Server 2012 R2 versions, the SQL Server installation failed.
  • Fix: Issue causing download or playback to not work in some situations.
  • Fix: Reading of blu-ray chapter structure was in some scenarios incomplete.
  • Fix: Empty directory could cause issues with external credentials connection
  • Fix: Titles not connected to the online service could fail to store for Dune meta-data.

More information on My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials is available from here.

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