CloudBerry Backup v4.0 Released

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CloudBerry Backup have just released version 4.0 of their cloud backup solution. This latest version comes with the following new features and updates:

  • Block-level across all cloud storages,
  • Block-level for Bare Metal / System State backup,
  • Multithreading restore,
  • Support MS SQL Server databases with FileStream and TDE,
  • SoftLayer – new data centers added,
  • Improvements to Amazon Glacier Inventory Retrieval.

Block-level Backup across All Cloud Storage Providers

From this moment we support block-level backup for all cloud storages. No exclusions for now. Learn more about this feature from the corresponding post.

Block-level Backup for Bare Metal / System State Backup

Now CloudBerry Backup also supports block-level backup for Bare Metal / System State backup that allows you to run system backups efficiently and faster. Learn more about this feature from the corresponding post.

Faster Restore with Multithreading

With CloudBerry Backup 4.0 multithreading is added to the restore process. Now files are transferred in multiple threads. That allows users to retrieve their data from the cloud much faster.

MS SQL Server Databases with FileStream and TDE

With CloudBerry Backup 4.0 we are introducing seamless and transparent support for SQL Server databases with Filestream and TDE. No additional settings are required.

SoftLayer – New Data Centers Added

We have added new SoftLayer data centers in to CloudBerry Backup. All data centers are now supported.

Improvements to Amazon Glacier Inventory Retrieval

Our new CloudBerry Backup version supports Range inventory retrieval, which makes it possible to divide large lists of files to parts. This means that the first 10 million files are available, then the next 10 million files, and so on.

The Server edition for Window Servers is priced at $79.99.

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