Windows Bare Metal Recovery on the WD DX4000

WD Sentinel DX4000 Front

If you would like to know how to setup a recovery solution for the DX4000 when it is being used with Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Essentials then we have an article for you.

Troy Walker explains:

The recent editions of Windows has introduce some really cool features that allows a technician or end user to do some quick and easy system restorations. On Windows 8, they integrated some advanced recovery capability that will allows one to do a complete zero state or even a roll-back using restore points. The same applies to Windows Server, you can force a recovery mode by shift-clicking “restart” from the Power icon in the charm settings option bar and selecting “Operating System: Recovery.” This is great if you have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard attached. But what if the system is remote or like in our case, is headless? We got a problem, the machine might as well be on Mars. The solution is actually quite simple. Integrate TightVNC into your recovery image with networking.

A great tutorial for WD DX4000 users, which you can find here.

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