Add-In: StableBit Scanner v2.5.1.3062

StableBit Scanner v Settings

StableBit Scanner is now at version with the following change log:

  • Added advanced setting Scanner_ScanMaximumConcurrent that allows multiple disks to be scanned at the same time, on the same controller.
  • Exposed .config settings in the UI under Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Configuration Properties.
  • [Issue #9342] Fixed issues with controller performance measuring interacting with disk performance measuring. Controller performance was sometimes not being measured properly and disk performance would be blank after the system woke up from a sleep state.
  • [Issue #9337] Automatically select the "Server" quick settings profile for new WSS installations.
  • [Issue #9337] Allow the standalone UI to run alongside the Dashboard UI.

More details on this release can be found here, and if you are wondering if using StableBit Scanner is a good idea, then read this.

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