Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft today announced the next version of Windows called Windows 10.

Deciding to forget about the number 9 altogether, Windows 10 has the return of the start menu, Windows Store apps and desktop applications running in the same Window and multiple desktops too.

Windows 10 Tech-Preview Start Menu

A Technical Preview version for laptops/desktops will be available from tomorrow, with a build for servers following soon after.

Windows 10 is due for release "after the build conference, mid next year".

To download, PC experts and IT Pros will have to sign up to the windows insider program, which will enable you to have access to a steady stream of early builds with the latest features Microsoft are experimenting with.

From October 1st you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program at http://preview.windows.com, download the technical preview, and let Microsoft know what you think.

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