Add-In: My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.10 Pre Release 9

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution

Another pre release version of My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials for WHS2011, WS2012 Essentials and
WS2012 w. Essentials Role has been released.

Version 5.10 Pre Release 9 has the following change log:

  • Added: Prompt to select screenshot or artwork when uploading backdrops.
  • Added: Requirement to select backdrop content type and alignment when contributing backdrop.
  • Added: Group and categories can now be set when adding monitored folders.
  • Added: Movies for disc titles can be created by right clicking the disc title.
  • Added: Option to download all episodes in a season – right click menu.
  • Added: Check for connected movie, when doing update of single disc title that got an IMDBid and no locally connected movie.
  • Change: Canadian parental rating values adjusted.
  • Fix: In some situations, a language selection dialog could be displayed for backdrops.
  • Fix: Change title function could fail with an exception.
  • Fix: A faulty movie was connected to titles with IMDB id = tt0000000. This fix removes that movie from the collection again, if it isn’t registered as a stand alone movie.
  • Fix: TV Series wasn’t registered in a group when added to the users collection.
  • Fix: Filters created could due to parental control settings exclude some titles by default.
  • Fix: Adding spoken language information on movies could create an error if UI was not set to English.
  • Fix: Folder monitoring could default to add disc titles, even if another type was selected when operating on WHS and Essentials.
  • Fix: Opening a Blu-ray as first title when opening could have wrong cover scaling.
  • Fix: Incorrect storage of a country could lead to country data resetting.
  • Fix: Country and language drop-downs were not sorted correct when localized.
  • Fix: Copy button in tray popup was displayed, even if disc copier was disabled.
  • Fix: Copy button in tray popup could overlap text. It have been moved.
  • Fix: Icon wasn’t changed for TV Episode when the episode was contributed.
  • Fix: Youtube trailers for movies could not open if the trailer ids were inherited.
  • Fix: Changing of movie lock could only be done once, then another item had to be selected.
  • Fix: Removed wrongful check on existing series names, when creating manual movie or disc title.
  • Fix: There were no messages sent if movie monitoring did not add a title because it existed as a duplicate.
  • Fix: Marking of movie watched in WMC did not work.
  • Fix: Deleting a movie in WMC did not work.
  • Fix: When doing a change source and data on TV Series and Movies, the title wasn’t shown in the search text field.

More information on this pre-release is available from here.

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