Add-In: My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.10 Pre Release 7

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

The pre release version of My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials has been updated.

Version 5.10 Pre Release 7 has the following change log:

  • Added: Movie Contribution Guide link added to help menu.
  • Change: Moved contribution comment prompt to before the file upload.
  • Change: Contribution encouragement for disc titles is no longer done through a popup message, but shown in the top of the profile in Collection Management instead. Just as it does with Movies and TV Series.
  • Fix: Collection numbers were sometimes shown on movies and TV series under disc titles.
  • Fix: Contribution of movie data failed due to an incorrect order of parameters.
  • Fix: Titles for movies were stored as empty strings and not null values, meaning titles with inherited data did not display the title in Windows Media Center.
  • Fix: Movie profiles displayed with "slim" view, even if "detailed" view was configured.
  • Fix: Playback from UNC paths could fail on Windows 7 Embedded, as it did not have a patch that Windows 7 SP1 had. This attempts to bring back some old code to correct that.
  • Fix: Non-disc based based TV Series were not displayed if you configured to show TV Series on disc as disc titles.
  • Fix: If you selected to show disc titles with movies as movie data, the not existing group selection on the movie was used and not the disc titles group.
  • Fix: Some disc connected movies was not downloaded after database restore.
  • Fix: Bug made it impossible to create manually added TV Series.
  • Fix: If a movie title was connected to multiple disc titles, it would say no playback options were available on playback.
  • Fix: Purchase price and value per amount was -1 when editing personal data for movies, when not set.
  • Fix: It was possible to make multi select in the search results when adding titles. This is now removed.
  • Fix: User selected backdrops could be overwritten if backdrop update from service was enabled.
  • Fix: Locally created movies weren’t removed from connected disc titles if the movie was deleted.
  • Fix: TV Series episodes were not correctly coupled to mapped disc titles in some scenarios.

More information on this pre release are available from here.

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