Add-In: Drive Bender v2.1.8.0

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Drive Bender has been updated to version with the following change log:

  • [b] When enumerating folders, the process can hang if a folder that is flagged as "pending delete" is encountered.
  • [b] When enumerating folders, scanning of the System Volume Information folder can cause the process to hang.
  • [b] If a thread that has obtained a folder enumeration lock hangs, the locks will be reset after a short period.
  • [u] The timeout for a folder enumeration scan has been increased (this is to prevent slower systems timeout when there are just slow to respond).
  • [b] When installing certain Microsoft based objects, they can fail with an "Access Denied" error.
  • [b] Desktop.ini files were not being included in the file audit.
  • [b] The file audit count was not being correctly persisted across restarts.

As always Drive Bender can be downloaded from here.

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