Add-In: My Movies 5.10 Pre Release 5

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

My Movies 5.10 Pre Release 5 is available for WHS2011 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials users with the following change log:

  • Added: Collection Numbers on TV Series
  • Added: Total movie count in bottom of Collection Management
  • Added: Toolbar button to store meta-data.
  • Added: Icon and text now asks user to contribute movie data if it is improved compared to the webservice.
  • Added: Option for adding a comment with each contribution to the service.
  • Change: The Pre Release now no longer requires 2500 points.
  • Change: Error message about reading sector x failed, now gives information that cause is likely dirty or scratched disc.
  • Fix: AnyDVD not running had a red error state, but it is with current implementation perfectly valid that it is not running until a disc is copied the first time after a reboot. Fix: AnyDVD is now restarted by the service user, after it has been updated, and the machine have been rebooted. Not doing this could leave the server in a state where it would not take in discs to copy.
  • Fix: Some of the new groups were mixed.
  • Fix: Flac file did not get meta-data added.
  • Fix: Not connected databases could result in an object reference exception in log.
  • Fix: IMDB import did not work on Home and Essentials Server
  • Fix: movie search on IMDB id could fail as a parameter was set wrong.
  • Fix: Folder monitoring had problems in various situations with read-only files and root file shares.
  • Fix: Several minor issues with collection synchronization that made it seem like there was always inconsistency between webservice and client.
  • Fix: Media information did not get stored if you selected a folder as path for movies.
  • Fix: If directories was selected as path for movies, playback would fail.
  • Fix: After creating a new database, you were asked if you wanted to synchronize, but you can’t because you are not allowed to upload an empty collection.
  • Fix: Contribute data icon was missing from the toolbar for movies and tv series

More information on this pre-release version is available from here.

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