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Drive Bender has has a couple of updates in the last few days.

Here is the change log for these latest versions:

Release v2.1.7.0 release (2014-08-26)

  • [Bug fix] When opening the Duplication Manager, an error is generated in the file list.
  • [Bug fix] The client sort menu is not refreshing correctly.

Release v2.1.6.0 release (2014-08-25)

  • [Update] Further improvements to the upgrade start up issue.
  • [n] Added registry switches to allow a mount point to mount as a non PnP drive.
  • [Bug fix] The health monitor scan can fail on folders containing certain string formatting characters.
  • [Bug fix] File balancing cab start while a drive is being removed. This can result in multiple primary files being created.
  • [n] You can now specify the "drive full" values (i.e. when a drive is considered full). This value is used for both cascade balancing and landing zone.
  • [Bug fix] When performing a file system check, or scanning drive to be balanced, the task can hang if a directory junction point is found.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed how the client is displaying the non-pooled value, it should no longer corrupt the pie chart.
  • [Bug fix] Deleting a notification does not always work.
  • [Bug fix] A number of minor interface fixes and updates.
  • [Update] The Drive Bender tray notification application uses less resources.

The download is available from here.

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