DVBLink v5.0.0 Build 10250

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The DVBLink product range for NAS and for Windows based PC’s offers everything you need to enjoy your favorite Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV and Analog TV channels and recordings within your home network and on the go.

Version 5.0.0 of DVBLink has had some new builds released today:

  • Build 10250 (DVBLink Server, DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink EPG Loader for Digiguide on NAS/Ubuntu/Raspberry Pi)
  • Build 10238 (DVBLink Server on Windows)
  • Build 10242 (DVBLink Connect! Server, DVBLink TVSource on Windows)
  • Build 10246 (DVBLink EPG Loader for Digiguide on Windows)

The following is a list of fixes and new features:

DVBLink Server / DVBLink Connect Server:

  • (all) Added: Programming manual series recording on specific weekdays
  • (all) Fixed: Incorrect handling of manual daily and weekly series recordings
  • (rpi) Fixed: unable to create XMLTV source

DVBLink TVSource:

  • (all) Added: Ability to turn off streaming multiple channels from the same transponder
  • (win) Fixed: Not able to tune channels when using PCTV 292e in DVB-C mode on Windows
  • (all) Added: Support for BBC Freeview character encoding
  • (win) Added: Setting for timeshift buffer location
  • Fixed: Stream freeze on XBMC timeshift buffer roll-over on NAS and Linux platforms

DVBLink EPG Loader for Digiguide:

  • Fixed: Missing thumbnails

More details on the DVBLink software can be found here.

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