Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.1.0.552 BETA


The Beta build of StableBit DrivePool has been updated to version BETA with some important fixes:

* [D] Fixed a real-time file size tracking inconsistency that would cause the pooled file size to drift upwards when
      files were overwritten (FILE_SUPERSEDE, FILE_OVERWRITE, FILE_OVERWRITE_IF). Existing pools will be remeasured
* Added new .config option FileSizeTracking_UpdateSizeIntervalS to the service, mainly for testing purposes.
* Finalized all translations.
* The .covefs meta-data folder now doesn’t show up in duplication / file placement.
* Do not write out error reports when operations are canceled.
* [D] [Issue #3204] Fixed renaming in a folder that’s a reparse point.
* [Issue #1146] Added test email option after entering email addresses for notifications.
* Windows will now save their maximize state in addition to their size.
* Added minimize / maximize buttons to the horizontal UI.
* Cap WPF animations to 30 FPS on WSS.
* [Issue #47] Re-factored licensing code to prevent the licensing request from showing up unnecessarily.
* [Issue #2158] Fixed the performance pane turning off on slower systems, even while it’s still open.
* Increased default performance sample interval to 2 seconds.
* [Issue #3198] Fixed spelling mistake on the change duplication dialog.
* Added a tool tip over the balancing plug-ins to show the version of the plug-in and the creation time (if external).
* [Issue #3192] Added VDS as a service dependency to the StableBit DrivePool service. This improves system and service startup
* [Issue #114] When the System Volume Information folder doesn’t have the inherit flag set on the SYSTEM permission, drive
               removal would error out with "Access denied".
* [Issue #2188] Re-factored the disk enumeration code to not error out when a disk or volume is encountered which has the
                same persistent key as one that we already know about. Detailed trace data will be written out to the log
                file when this happens and disk enumeration will continue.
* [Issue #3190] Added DrivePool_RunningFile .config setting. When specified, a file at this path will be created whenever
                a background task is running, such as balancing, background file duplication or measuring. After all
                background tasks end, this file will be deleted.

More details can be found here.

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