Add-In: Drive Bender v2.0.4.0 Beta

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There is a new beta release of Drive Bender

Here is the change log for version

  • [Bug fix] The Drive Bender implementation of chkdsk now reports the reason if it fails to run.
  • [Updated feature] The balancing method setting now applies to how files are moved from the landing zone to the pool even if the balancing option is disabled.
  • [Bug fix] Starting the duplication managed was showing an authorization required dialog.
  • [Bug fix] A worker thread could throw an exception when exiting.
  • [Bug fix] When view a drive in the manager, the drive’s volume name could not be changed.
  • [Bug fix] Changing a drive volume name could cause the Drive Bender service to hang.
  • [Bug fix] When creating a file, the files owner is now set correctly.
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a memory leak that was occurring when modifying a files/folders time stamp of security settings.
  • [Bug fix] The non-pool usage report now displays the correct value.
  • [Bug fix] When a landing zone is specified, if duplication is in use, the file is now duplicated when moved from the landing zone (was being created when writing to the landing zone, negating any speed advantage).
  • [Bug fix] A number of fixes and improvements to the drive adding, removing and swapping features.
  • [Bug fix] The file count maintained by Drive Bender was being corrupted when the file system health task was running (although it was corrected once the task completed).
  • [Bug fix] If the drive swap operation was cancelled, the added drive was still being flagged as "pending add".
  • [Bug fix] The worker thread engine (used for all internal task etc) could cause an exiting thread to hang.
  • [Bug fix] Email notification was not sending email when required.
  • [Bug fix] Under extreme circumstances renaming a large file while it was being moved from the landing zone to the pool, could result in 2 files being created.
  • [Bug fix] When swapping a drive, all system folders (i.e. system folder and the recycle bin folder) are now moved to the new drive.
  • [Bug fix] Many UI fixes and improvements.

This latest beta release can be downloaded from here.

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