Add-Ins: My Movies v5.00 Pre Release 7

The pre-release version of My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution has been updated to version 5.00 Pre Release 7.

My Movies 5 Pre Release Dashboard

Here is the change log for the last two versions:

5.00 Pre Release 7:
IMPORTANT: If you have posted about problems prior to this Pre Release, and still have the problem, please reply to your post to notify about it.
Fix: There was an exception when applying settings after having set Dune configurations.
Fix: The system did not log in with stored credentials when storing title media information.
Fix: Save As in the cover right click menu in Collection Management gave an error.
Fix: The video converter detected the main movie for MP4 files, but did not pass it to handbrake, letting handbrake decide, meaning that the functions that should force a better detection was not used.
Fix: Another character in the auto-generated passwords were found that could give problems when restoring databases, creating new databases or similar.
Fix: Due to creations of firewall exceptions at an incorrect time, the install could fail on some devices.
Fix: Wrong message sent during database migration.
5.00 Pre Release 6:
IMPORTANT: If you have posted about problems prior to this Pre Release, and still have the problem, please reply to your post to notify about it.
Added: Warning about it taking time to install SQL Server.
Change: The data service API is now available on port 51415 as an alternative to 51414. The port 51415 is recommended for future usage on My Movies 5, as it also on desktop PC’s runs under a service that is always available, no matter if a user is logged in or not.
Change: Popcorn Hour NMJ meta-data storage have temporary been removed, and will be replaced by an updated NMJ 2.0 implementation later.
Fix: Windows Media Center could not be started from mobile devices.
Fix: Auto generated master database password could contain characters that caused inability to log into the database.
Fix: Update statistics call on DB was not longer possible with new credentials situation.
Fix: Incorrect version of a DLL could cause problems with dashboards crashing.
Fix: Minor progress issue could cause a crash under optimize database task.
Fix: The right click menu for TV Episodes had a delete option when an episode was connected to a disc, which did not do anything.
Fix: The icon was not correct after setting a path on a TV Episode, and pressing save.
Fix: The "GetEpisodePlayOptionsForDune" returns that id is invalid, when it in fact was not.
Fix: The external connection to the server was broken on WHS 2011 and Essentials 2012.
Fix: Prior selected cleaning path was not remembered.
Fix: Apply button could be activated in settings panel, even though no changes was made.
Fix: Create new database option could fail if the database had a lot of content.
Fix: There was a firewall rule created each time the service was restarted.
Fix: The ability to use different cover profiles were broken in Windows Media Center.
Fix: The music disc copier could fail with a certain combination of paths and not having a mobile conversion configured.
Fix: There was an error message shown when applying music disc copier settings if the mobile path was set to a local path, and the path would not stick.
Fix: The sub settings for Media Center interface button and default list configurations did not populate correct.
Fix: External paths were in some situations not connected when storing meta-data.

This latest release is available for download from here.

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