Add-In: Drive Bender v2.0.3.4 Beta

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The beta build of Drive Bender has a new release.

Version beta has the following change log:

  • [Updated feature] Updated driver to the release driver.
  • [Bug fix] When attempting to delete a file that the user does not have permission to delete, the driver is now reporting the error correctly under Windows 8 and Server 2012.
  • [Bug fix] An incorrect CRC value can be returned when a file is zero bytes in length.
  • [Bug fix] The CRC calculation on a file can cause the file to become locked.
  • [New feature] Added option to have all mount points dismount if one or more drives go offline.
  • [Updated feature] Improved drive detection when a system wakes from sleep (prevent drive offline messages).
  • [New feature] Added an option to dismount mount points when removing or swapping a drive.
  • [Bug fix] During balancing all drives are now checked to make sure all are flagged as ok (otherwise balancing is aborted).
  • [Updated feature] Added user authentication to the pooling of network drives.
  • [Updated feature] Improved the way drives are checked to determine if they are on/offline.
  • [Updated feature] Tuned a number of the DB Manager / addin themes.
  • [New feature] Drive details are persisted across reboots (i.e. is a drive goes offline, Drive Bender retains key information such as the volume name, mode and serial numbers across reboots).
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a number of issues with the new "Dark" theme.
  • [New feature] The "Dark" theme is now the default theme.
  • [Bug fix] The drives list now resized into multiple columns space permitting.
  • [Bug fix] The width of the columns in the File Access list are now retained.

This latest beta release can be found here.

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