My Movies 5 Pre Release 2

The pre-release version of My Movies 5 has been released with some important info.

My Movies 5 Pre Release Dashboard

Here’s is the press release:

My Movies 5 combines the functionality of the My Movies Collection Management, My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution into one combined product. This means that there now are two installation options available only; "My Movies for Windows", and "My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution".

The "My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution" continues as normal, but receives a product version upgrade from 2.XX to 5.XX, indicating that it is now part of the same source code base as My Movies 5, but simply packed into an installer for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials. The "My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution" now features the Collection Management as part of the installation, which can be launched from the dashboard, or through a remote desktop connection to the server.

My Movies 5 Pre Release Settings

Here is the change log for 5.00 Pre Release 2:

  • Fix: Selecting an UNC path on a local server could lead to a copy failure.
  • Fix: The apply button did not get activated in the settings dialog on the change on some controls.
  • Fix: Default paths for movie and music disc copier is now the UNC shared path of the public videos and music folders, if they are shared.
  • Fix: Optimize database could turn an error about invalid paths that was not actually invalid.
  • Fix: The service now notifies with an error in case of inaccessible database.

The Pre Release is intended for users who would like to participate in reviewing, testing and giving feedback for My Movies 5. The Pre Release requires 2,500 points (excluding trial points) or a licensed installer license file to participate Interested? This release can be downloaded from here.

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