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With the release of the latest version of Personal Online Storage Server (POSH), we have teamed up with the publisher (Electrongoo) to offer you some exclusives, over the holiday period here at MSWHS.com.

Electrongoo are offering two exclusive essential add-in pack’s. One supporting Server 2012 Essentials, WHS2011, SBS 2011 Essentials, and Storage Server 2008 R2 (the SBS Essential add-in pack) and the other supporting v1 of Windows Home Server (WHS V1 Essential add-in pack) which will save you plenty of money, compared with buying them individually.

product_isomounterwhs product_snoopdedupewhs product_integritycheckerwhs

The packs with comprise:

  • Iso Mounter – mount and expose iso image files as a folder from your server
  • Snoop de dupe – reclaim storage space on your server; easily locate, delete, and hard-link duplicate files on your server
  • Integrity Checker – validate file data stored on your server; automatically generate cryptographic SHA-1 hash on all files stored on your server

boxshot_amprem_whs product_timetravelerwhs

And either

  • Archive Manager Premium – archive, backup, and save unlimited versions of files to local storage devices and UNC paths; supports compression, encryption, and automatic archive pruning in the SBS Essential add-in pack.


  • Time Traveler WHS – revert back to any previous version of a file stored in any of your server shares in the WHS V1 Essential add-in pack.

More details on these exclusive add-in packs will be available shortly, and since its the season of giving, each day from tomorrow through till Friday we will be giving away an add-in bundle for FREE comprising the 4 add-ins mentioned above for either the SBS Essential add-in pack or the WHS V1 Essential add-in pack – WOW! – More details tomorrow.

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