Add-In: Drive Bender v2 Beta 1

Drive Bender v2 beta 1 is here for users of WHS 2011.

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Remember this is beta software.

Beta change log key:

[*] General information.
[b] Bug fix.
[u] Updated feature.
[n] New feature.
[d] Driver change.
[k] Known issue or limitations.

Release v2.0.1.0 beta (2013-10-08):

  • [u] Much of the core Drive Bender service has been rewritten to accommodate the new features coming in v2
  • [u] New Interface for both the Windows client and the Windows Server Dashboard client (i.e. WHS client).
  • [a] Added support for networked drives to be added to a pool.
  • [u] Alternate (named) streams are now enabled by default.
  • [u] Support for physical drive number emulation is now enabled by default (this allows Drive Bender to support TrueCrypt volumes).
  • [k] The new "Landing Zone" feature has been disabled due to a last minute bug, it will be re-enabled in a minor update.
  • [k] Pie charts not rendering correctly, this is being sort for the next update.
  • [k] Mapped pooled drive do not support network security, as a result the user name and password fields in the clients are disabled for this beta.
  • [k] The pool restore option does not restore mapped drives (you can manually do this by simply adding the drive to the restored pool).
  • [k] Themes support has been disabled in this beta for the Windows client.
  • [k] The drive merge option has been removed, it is becoming an option when adding a drive.
  • [*] This beta’s license is set to a fixed expiry date.

You can find this beta release for download here.

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