Lights-Out with WS2012 R2 Essentials Preview

If you are using the add-in Lights-Out with the WS2012 R2 Essentials Preview then you may experience some issues.

Most issues and incompatibilities have been identified and fixed in beta build 2080:


If  you evaluate Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Preview with Lights-Out,  then please uninstall build 2055 and update to build 2080.

There  is currently one known issue which requires some additional work for localised builds of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Preview. The Dashboard binaries are no longer stored under C:\Program Files\Windows\Server\Bin\, now C:\Windows\System32\Essentials\ is used. This change affects the loading of localised satellite assemblies and as a result, Lights-Out is always displayed in English. Microsoft will fix this issue in RTM.

For the time being, please copy your languages files, for example on a German system copy C:\Windows\System32\Essentials\de to C:\Windows\System32\Essentials\de, on a French system copy C:\Windows\System32\Essentials\fr to C:\Windows\System32\Essentials\fr.

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