DVBLink v4.6.0

DVBLogic have updated their DVBLink product suite to version 4.6.0.

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This new version is a major step forward in terms of ease of use and has a more intuitive installation and configuration procedures.
DVBLink now has support for source groups, which should significantly speed up configuration of multiple sources having the same channels, and the DVBLink TVSource configuration interface has been re-written making it more intuitive and easier to understand even for non-expert users.

Here is the change log for v4.6.0:

(all) Added: source groups for easy configuration of the identical sources
(iomega) Fixed: Incorrect DVBLink package installation on NAS firmware 4.x

DVBLink TVSource:
(all) Added: New TVSource configuration interface with tuner type specific channel search
(all) Added: Possibility to scan only FTA channels
(all) Fixed: DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver is not detected
(all) Added: DVB-C scan support for DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver
(all) Fixed: NULL packets are not filtered when using HDHomeRun tuner
(nas) Fixed: Incorrect module loading order for Hauppauge 950Q tuner
(nas) Fixed: TBS5680 cannot tune low transponder frequencies

DVBLink Connect! Server / DVBLink Server for NAS platform:
(nas) Fixed: DLNA/recording settings cannot be saved
(all) Fixed: Use of uninitialized pointer in DLNA stack, which may lead to crash on start-up
(all) Fixed: Series recording of episodes having (episode number) in their names

EpgData.com loader:
(all) Added: support for episode number

Product information on DVBLink can be found here.

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