Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.0.0.310 BETA

Version BETA of StableBit DrivePool for WS2012 Essentials users has been released with file system refinements.

StableBit DrivePool BETA

Here is the full change log:

  • Fixed UI lock up due to a deadlock in the service.
  • [D] Completely reengineered how file performance is measured. We no longer parse ETW events in real-time, this is slow and unreliable. CoveFS now maintains file performance data, but only when we are actively querying for it. There is virtually no overhead on the file system when performance data is not needed.
  • [D] Fixed crash in skip list insertion / removal. Observed on x86.
  • [D] Increased skip list depth limit on directory listings to support up to 1 million efficient lookups.
  • Added an error message that is shown when trying to remote control DrivePool which has plug-ins installed that we don’t have.
  • Renamed "File Performance" to "Disk Performance", since it really shows performance on individual disks.
  • [D] Fixed for the performance UI’s file performance not capturing all I/O.
  • [D] File renames that have the same destination as the source should always succeed.
  • [D] Added file-level TRIM support for SSDs that may be part of the pool. (Windows 8+)
  • [D] Offloaded memory / cache manager interaction to NTFS.

The guys have also published a comprehensive article on their blog on this latest release which covers all the refinements of the file system component of DrivePool, which you can find here.

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