Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.0.0.256 Beta


The beta release of StableBit DrivePool for WS2012 Essentials has had an update.

Version beta has the following change log:

  • [D] Read striping will now take into account the speed of the disks when deciding which disk to read from. It now uses an adaptive algorithm that will passively measure the speed of each disk and select the appropriate one at any given time.
  • Added "Expand >" to vertical UI to get into Horizontal UI mode (hidden after first use).
  • Added pool read / write speeds and other various statistics to the performance UI.
    – Fast I/O percentage.
    – Read striping percentage, including a breakdown of disk switches vs. disk holds.
    – I/O prioritization percentage.
  • [D] Made I/O prioritization be more explicit when requesting a particular priority.
  • [D] I/O prioritization now allows cached reads through Fast I/O.
  • Background duplication was not enabling Background I/O as intended.
  • Enabling / disabling per-folder duplication will only work over that folder when performing background duplication (when possible).
  • Added a pool file performance UI. This shows you the top file activities on the pool.
    (not supported in Windows Vista / Server 2008)
  • [D] Fixed "Reached the end of file" error when enabling duplication on a folder that was previously duplicated, then was moved off of the pool and then moved back onto the pool (and so is no longer duplicated). (Port from 1.3.2)
  • Changed the rules for horizontal UI mode. DrivePool will now go into horizontal UI mode whenever the width of the window is 2 * the minimum width (ignoring the height).

You can download this release from here.

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