Add-In: Drive Bender v1.8.6.0

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Drive Bender for WHS2011, SBS Essentials 2011 and Server 2012 Essentials has been updated.

Version has the following change log:

  • Bug fix: Under some conditions the mount point can fail to mount.
  • Bug fix: When removing a drive a message is incorrectly stating that the mount point will be unmounted.
  • Bug fix: If there is an issue with the first drive enumerated at start up, it can prevent the pool from starting correctly.
  • Update: High transaction I/O performance has been dramatically improved.
  • Update: A number of changes have been made to the way file system security is handled.
  • Update: When restoring a pool, there is no longer a prompt regarding the deleting of existing configuration.
  • Update: The email notifications now reference the server name in the email message.
  • Bug fix: An update in v1.8.1.0 to improve boot times can cause the pool to fail on load on some machines.
  • Bug fix: The duplication scan tools will not scan recursively scan folders if the top level folder was not flagged for duplication.
  • Bug fix: The additions to the Server Folders tab under the Server Dashboard (i.e. WHS 2011, SBE 2011, SBE 2012) can cause the dashboard to crash.
  • Update: The delay time before the Hard Disk Sentinel engine is start has been increased from 30 seconds after mount, to 5 minutes. This is to improve overall start up performance.
  • Update: The resources required when running the duplication tools has been greatly reduced.

You can download this latest release from here.

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