Ordered File Placement for StableBit DrivePool


Ordered File Placement is a new plugin for users of StableBit DrivePool.

Ordered File Placement changes StableBit DrivePool’s default file placement strategy.

By default, StableBit DrivePool always places new files onto the disk with the most free space. This tends to equalize the amount of free space across all the disks in the pool.

With this plug-in, StableBit DrivePool will place new files in a way that will fill one disk at a time. Once a disk is filled to a pre-set threshold, StableBit DrivePool will then move onto filling the next disk.

This has a number of benefits:

  • Files copied at the same time will tend to be on the same disk. Because those files were copied at the same time, it stands to reason that they might be related. It can be beneficial, in terms of file recovery, to have related files be placed on the same disk.
  • You may want StableBit DrivePool to write to one disk at a time in order to implement an efficient power savings policy.

Ordered File Placement can be downloaded from here.

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