DVBLink v4.5.3 beta 2

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For those of you using DVBLink, the guys have updated to version 4.5.3 beta 2 for all supported platforms.

This latest beta release includes the following changes:

– (all) Added: Updated "Sources" tab of DVBLink web configurator
– (all) Added: Build number information and new version availability check
– (all) Fixed: no/corrupt stream if transport stream is delivered in chunks that are smaller than a single packet
– b2 (all) Added: log file size limit

DVBLink Connect! Server / DVBLink Server for NAS platform:
– (all) Fixed: incorrect DLNA presentation url
– (all) Added: built-in recorder periodically checks for and removes from database TV recordings without the actual file
– (all) Added: DLNA categories "by genre" and "by series"
– (all) Added: season/episode information to names visible in DLNA clients
– (all) Added: season/episode information to file names (SxxExx-name-….ts)
– (all) Added: retrieval of TV recordings list as m3u file
– (all) Fixed: streaming using m3u file or for boxee does not work with two or more clients at the same time
– (win) Fixed: unstable iOS transcoded streaming
– (win) Fixed: transcoded web and winphone streaming does not work because of missing Windows firewall rule
– (all) Fixed: Crash/no stream because DLNA function sometimes caused memory overwrite
– b2 (all) Added: Program search on genre
– b2 (all) Added: by genre and by series categories to display recorded TV items
– b2 (all) Fixed: DVBLink DLNA server does not support trick modes (FF/FB) on some DLNA clients

– (all) Fixed: no detection of sat>ip receivers if more than one network adapter is present in the system
– (all) Fixed: unstable streaming for some models of sat>ip receivers
– (all) Fixed: incorrect tuner type after importing settings from another TVSource instance
– (Synology/QNAP/NetGear x86 NAS models) Added: support for TBS5680CI tuner
– (Synology x86) Fixed: tuner driver incompatibility with DSM4.2
– (all) Fixed: incorrect Czech symbols in EPG and channel names
– (win) Added: support for diseqc and CI of DVBSky tuners
– (win) Fixed: Elgato DVB-S2 EyeSat does not work with TVSource v4.5
– (all) Fixed: NA Bandstacked DP (DSS) setting does not work
– (win) Fixed: Gigabyte U8300 tuner does not work with v4.5
– (win) Fixed: channels are found during scan, but never work in normal operations (PAT scanning has timed out)
– (nas) Added: support for Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-TD (dual DVB-T) tuner
– b2 (nas) Added: tuner insert/removal autodetection after the DVBLink package start-up
– b2 (win) Added: Unicable support for TeVii tuners (others may start working as well as generic mechanism was implemented)

More information is available from here.

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