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The beta release of StableBit Scanner has had an update and now adds support to automatically check the health of your file systems.

Here is the full change log for version / 2901 BETA:

  • SMART Failures were not being reported in the Dashboard. (WSS only)
  • Drive letter assignment is now refreshed properly.
  • Added support to automatically check the health of your file systems.
    – File system scanning is streamlined into the existing scanning process and is automatically performed after a surface scan.
    – chkdsk is used, but with some additional features.
            – Ability to scan using Background I/O, which also lowers the paging priority (since chkdsk tends to use a lot of RAM).
            – Ability to suspend a scan if a drive overheats.
            – Support for temperature equalization.
            – Scan progress is reported in percent.
    – File system health is reported when you expand a disk and in the "Status" panel at the bottom.
    – You will get a notification if a problem is found (Email, System tray, Speech and WSS).
    – File system scans can have a separate re-check interval and can be suspended globally or per disk
  • Scanned sectors will now slowly turn from green to yellow, to indicate the "age" of the last scan. If a sector has not been re-scanned in 2x the scanning interval, it will turn fully yellow. This gives you a quick visual indication of how log ago the last scan was performed over those sectors.
  • Fixed SMART Warning vs. SMART Failure notification mix-up.

You can download this beta release from here.

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