Add-In: Lights-Out for Windows Server v1.5.4 Build 2033

The add-in Lights-Out for Windows Server, Windows 7 and 8 has been updated to version 1.5.4 Build 2033.

Lights-Out for Windows 8

What’s new in version 1.5.4 Build 2033 (Service Pack 4):

New Platforms

Added support for Windows 7, 8 running as a "Home server" or standard Windows Server.

Differences between Lights-Out on WHS and Windows 7/8

  • There is no WHS Connector and therefore no working communication infrastructure on Windows 8
  • Lights-Out uses a special (TCP/IP based) communication protocol on port 7679
  • Port 7679 is opened during installation on the Windows 7/8 "Server", if you use another personal firewall you have to open port 7679 by yourself
  • Client computers are joined during setup to their server, server discovery is handled by sending a multicast on port 7679
  • There is no pre-configured SSL infrastructure on Windows 7/8
  • There is no client backup handled by the server
  • There is no WHS Console on the client

Known issues:

  • No backup support for clients
  • Mac and Mobile support only in LAN (local), not in WAN because SSL infrastructure is missing

Changes from last Beta

  • New 30 day evaluation period
  • Improved support for multiple network cards (server)
  • Client software can wake additional devices (registry key required)
  • Client software is now installed into a different folder to avoid conflicts with server software
  • Server installer uses a different ID to avoid conflicts with client installer

License upgrade

If you change platforms and require a new license you can now read in your existing license to obtain your personal discount code.

More information can be found in topic Licensing Lights-Out.

You can evaluate Lights-Out for a period of 30 days. After that period, Lights-Out changes into a Community Edition with a limited feature set.

To enable all features after the trial period you have to purchase a license.
A personal license starts at 15€ + VAT = 17.85€ in Germany (VAT if applicable).

More information is available from here.

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