Add-In: Drive Bender v1.8.1.0

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Drive Bender v1.8.1.0 has been released with a bunch of improvements and fixes.

Here is the change log for this latest release:

  • Bug fix: Removing the second last drive from a pool with duplication enabled can fail.
  • Bug fix: Removing/swapping a drive can fail if the file being moved off contains a "%s" (issue with writing the event to the log).
  • Update: During the drive removal/swapping process, the mount point is no longer taken offline.
  • Bug fix: Drives not displaying correctly in the Drive Bender Manager.
  • Update: Improved HDS support for certain drives.
  • Update: The pool and duplication state of a folder is now display under the "Server Folder" tab (Windows Server family).
  • Update: You can now manage folder duplication form the "Server Folder" tab (Windows Server family).

As always you can find the download here.

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