WHS 2011 for £35


If you are in the UK then CCL have WHS 2011 for just £33.70 plus 95p delivery, so if you have a spare £35 handy then you can buy a copy from here.

Top 10 Reasons to buy Windows Home Server 2011:

  1. Scheduled automatic backups. Get full automatic backups of the actual server and all the PCs connected to it every night. And with disaster recover tools, it’s easy to recover individual files and folders, or even restore your entire hard drive in case of a crash.
  2. Simplified remote access to your data and computers. Easily connect and access your digital files or take control of your home-based computers with Windows Home Server 2011 from virtually anywhere with a personalized Internet address.
  3. More storage for your needs. Windows Home Server 2011 comes with built-in options that make adding storage effortless. And with support for industry-standard RAID and data protection, you’ll get more options to expand and increase your storage as you need.
  4. Network health monitoring. Easily monitor the status and health of your Windows and Mac computers on the network from a single view and ensure computers are being backed up on a regular basis.
  5. Whole-house entertainment. Use Windows Home Server 2011 as an entertainment hub for your entire house by streaming music, videos, recorded TV, and more straight to your Xbox 360, and other DLNA Certified™ devices.
  6. Easily share your files. No matter where you are, you can always access your files and folders. And because you can access your media files through a secure, personalized web page, you can let friends and family view and enjoy them too.
  7. Remote media streaming. Are you at work but want to listen to a playlist from home? Want to show a friend a movie you just made or your latest photo collection? No matter where you are, you can stream media to your home network over the web using the SilverlightTM browser plug-in.
  8. HomeGroup integration. The HomeGroup feature in Windows 7 is a way to create ad-hoc networks with other PCs running Windows 7. You can connect Windows Home Server 2011 to a HomeGroup too, which makes it a snap to find that one particular file-no matter which PC it’s on.
  9. A 64-bit operating system. You’ll get all the power of a system that incorporates best-of-breed 64-bit technologies, so you get a server environment that’s ideal for the high media demands of a home environment.
  10. Remote access to files and folders. Away from home and need to access a PC on your home network? Now, you can access your entire PC-including all your applications, files, and settings-virtually anywhere by using Remote Web Access.

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