The HP N40L MicroServer Modded Bios

The Home Server Show have a great post by Joe Miner on how to flash a modified bios to the HP Proliant N40L MicroServer.

HP N40L Modded Bios

As well as explaining how to get the modified bios, Joe also explains how to setup the bios after the flash:

…and had no problem flashing BIOS-MODS modified BIOS that would unlock many of the hidden features on the MicroServer – especially enabling me to set SATA port 5 (the mother board port for the ODD (“Optical Disk Drive”) if installed) and port 4 (the eSATA port on the back of the case) to AHCI and at a higher port speed than it’s default.

A comprehensive look at the modified bios for the N40L MicroServer, which you can finds here.

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