Restore Firewall Customisations in WS2012 Essentials

Robert Pearman has written a script which will allow you to restore the WS2012 Essentials firewall customisations.

WS2012e Restore Firewall Customisations

Whilst troubleshooting a problem on a server, have you ever reset Windows Firewall back to Defaults, but this could have unexpected consequences.
You could export and import the policy from Windows Firewall, with the import overwriting the existing policy:

This is all fine, however, if on an Essentials OS you happened to click ‘Restore Defaults’ you would have just wiped out a few custom rules, and disabled some other built-in ones. There is no function built in to do this. So you need to rely on having an existing Essentials server to compare with or phoning a friend.

But not now, with this script which will enable you to restore the Essentials firewall customisations.

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