Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v1.3.0.7415 BETA


The beta build of StableBit DrivePool for WHS2011, SBS 2011 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials has had an update.

Version BETA has miscellaneous fixes and is probably the last beta before the final release:

  • Fixed extra metadata generation by disk identification (port from 2.0).
  • [D] Driver prohibition (port from 2.0).
  • The size of Client Computer Backups may not have been reported on the DrivePool tab.
  • Added a new setting called RunningFile_FileName. When set, DrivePool will create a file at this path whenever running background tasks.

[D] = Driver was modified (reboot required after update)

You can download this release from here.

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