Build a DIY home server using FreeNAS

We occasionally mention other "Home Server" projects here at MSWHS and FreeNAS we have mentioned before.

MaximumPC FreeNAS

MaximumPC have a 4 page article on using FreeNAS to build a DIY home server. The article includes details on choosing the hardware, installing the OS, setting up the storage and media share, adding users and groups, configuring permissions, mapping the drives and setting up plugins:

FreeNAS’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: It’s incredibly complex and granular, with myriad configuration options, plugins, services, and so forth. The average home user may be better off buying an off-the-shelf NAS from Qnap or Synology, which are easier to configure and often include mobile access apps. But if you have the patience and the inclination, there’s nothing like building your own.

A comprehensive read, which you can find here.

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